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Possible Reasons for a Drop in Web Traffic

What could be more alarming than monitoring your statistical data and recognizing that your traffic has diminished or is nonexistent? For some, it is anxiety moments and days of stressing out, while for others, it is an opportunity to become analytical and seek vulnerabilities.

Now, we will look at some of the most typical instances of why your web traffic may be rapidly declining or has gone entirely. Do not worry, most of them are simple adjustments to work!

Traffic is Shockingly Low

Whenever your facts and figures demonstrate that you are still generating traffic, but it is decreasing, there might be a few more problems with your website. If you conduct sponsored ad campaigns and this is the starting point of your frequent premium traffic, it is possible that your advertisements are no longer performing as effectively as they could and you purely need to replace those for converting ones.

It could also be relevant to your product or service offered. It is cool now, but not so much tomorrow. It is possible that your content appeals to a topic or trend that is no longer relevant. Examine the request queries for your terms to determine whether it is decreasing. If this is the scenario, you should reconsider your initial distribution channel and targeting approach.

Below are some other indications for website traffic may be shrinking:

  • The analytics code is malfunctioning;
  • Congestion on the network;
  • Problems with the meta caption;
  • Google’s latest upgrades;
  • Worldwide traffic is decreasing;
  • Additional concerns with the webpage;
  • The showcase advertisements have not been refreshed.

Google Position Influenced by Traffic

Search engines such as Google are continually modifying the way they rate websites. Yet another prevalent misperception is that traffic volume affects your ranking. In reality, nothing could be further from the reality of things. A website with 5 visits per day may rank higher than a page with 10,000 visits per day.

The explanation for this misunderstanding is that Google ranks depending on the website engagement. This indicates that if your search engine listings get more clicks than others, your website traffic positions will rise. This characteristic demonstrates to Google that you are credible and provides you with a rating increase. People, therefore, feel that more traffic equals a higher rating. It is simple to understand where the misconception emerges from, although the two objects are considerably opposite.

To increase your search engine result pages (SERPs) engagement, improve your website headers and meta tags. Although the meta tag no longer has any ranking influence, the marketing line is there to attract more awareness and have traffic engage on your outcome instead of someone else’s. It should be loaded up and made to work diligently. If everything works well, you will see a boost in ratings, conversion and blockchain traffic!

Organic traffic is Gradually Decreasing

There are a variety of circumstances why your organic traffic may be declining, but the majority of the time, the solution is quick and simple. First and foremost, double-check your metrics code to ensure that everything is in functioning order. Whether it doesn’t work, see if there have been any Google adjustments. Google no longer discusses the lesser ones, but many notable SEO professionals will explain them and associated modifications that were made. It might have been a minor modification that began operating and had a minimal effect on your page.

Search intent, on the other hand, may shift. This suggests that people aren’t looking for your sort of product in the same quantities. Take, for instance, the travel business. When COVID-19 went into effect, search traffic for travel fell dramatically, as did search purpose. Therefore, during the epidemic, instead of looking for travel destinations, individuals began to look where to travel during pandemic.

One of these forms of changes might have unfolded and affected your crypto traffic. Spend some time researching organic traffic demand patterns and intentions, since this is certainly your greatest choice in this situation to improve ROI.

Restore That Visibility and Traffic

You may be more vigilant in safeguarding your website traffic now that you are aware of the components that have an unfavourable influence on it. Keep up to date with the latest Google developments and emerging tendencies. If you operate a dropshipping website with a strong concentration on fidget spinners, but they are no longer a popular item, you should be aware of this and adjust your content accordingly. Similarly, devoting a significant amount of effort promoting your crypto blog with the ICO progress of the projects is a relic of the old days. Alternatively, if you are using sponsored advertisements with networks like FranklinAffiliates and see a drop in traffic, you may make your campaigns run more smoothly by approaching the crew for tips and pointers. Nonetheless, experiment with new graphics, targeting parameters, and ads operation durations. Just one tiny change may unleash the enormous power of your advertisements and website traffic for a greater yield.

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Approaches for driving crypto traffic to your Website

Having a flow of visitors to your website is a solid sign that your crypto or blockchain-related project is a success. However, for those of you who are just getting started or trying to increase your traffic statistics, you may be asking how you might go about doing so.

So, currently, we will look at the most successful strategies for bringing crypto traffic to the website, so that you can boost your affiliates, sales, and customer acquisition!

Make Use of Audience Insights



If you recognize your present audience, you can appeal to their interests more efficiently, leading to a higher converting site as well as higher ranks, which leads to more visitors. There are several ways you may employ, but the most successful are:

  • Conduct market research;
  • Poll current customers;
  • Conduct context-specific surveys;
  • Chat with support;
  • Speak with the sales team. 

If you complete each of these activities, you will have a terrific foundation to work from and a wealth of helpful data. You may then utilize this information to improve your content, website, and marketing initiatives to increase visitors!

Increase the number of targeted customers!



That’s all well and good, but how can you improve this and attract more related crypto traffic? What is the solution? Fine-tune several aspects of your affiliate marketing strategy. We will walk you through eight different areas that you may concentrate on and utilize to gather information to assist you to attain your objectives!

On-Page SEO is Number One

Technical difficulties can have a significant impact on the performance of the website. If you hire a skilled SEO, they will be able to clean up the technical components that are preventing you from moving forward. You would be surprised how much of a difference a minor change in URL structure and some ALT tags can make to your ranking.

Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential if you want to rank for any phrases, you cannot just write and hope for the best. Spend some time developing a keyword plan for your unique brand and items using tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush. It is also important to do this regularly because search trends can shift over time, which means that phrases that were popular six months ago may now have lower search traffic, affecting your performance.

Obtain Listing

Have you ever seen those websites like Outbrain that are chock-full of lists and recommendations to great things and businesses? So, if you cannot fight them, why not join them?

Collaborate with review sites and catalogues to ensure that your crypto network or affiliate project is covered in the most prominent locations. This will provide you with additional web visibility and access to the crypto traffic of an existing trusted review site. Based on the information and transactions you have, you may then convert these from facts and bargains you are willing to cut.

Use Marketing

You can get your brand in front of potential customers by placing adverts and buying crypto traffic. You can truly wring every last penny out of your marketing budget by utilizing sophisticated technologies such as direct offers, geo-targeting, exclusive funnels, whitelisting affiliate partners, Facebook blackhat, CPA deals, and more. Working with Franklin Affiliates, you can ensure that the advertising runs smoothly and produces the greatest results possible!

Make Use of Landing Pages

If you run advertisements but do not use landing pages, you are missing out on a lot of visitors. Create one-of-a-kind landing pages for each campaign you run. With a sleek and dedicated page, this provides your visitors with a thorough understanding of the goods. These landing pages may make a huge difference, whether it is a basic registration form or a one-of-a-kind offer for a product.

Email Promotion

Email marketing using Mailchimp or Mautic for instance is a fantastic opportunity that you can make use of to increase your traffic and affiliate revenue. If consumers sign up and then abandon their shopping, you may send them reminders, gently nudging them to complete their purchase. Alternatively, you may notify subscribers about new events, promotions, offers, and items, among other things. This brings back past visitors to your site to catch up on the newest buzz!


Public Relations Distribution and Outreach

Press releases and outreach have a lot of leverage, especially in the affiliate & crypto industry. Consider a few months ago, when a fraudster produced a news release on PR Newswire suggesting that Walmart would take Litecoin (LTC). Litecoin surged by thousands of percent in the hours following the announcement. That is the actual power of PR distribution and outreach programs, so do not squander it!

Examine Analytics

Finally, you may go through your statistics using Google Analytics to determine what kind of material your users are most interested in. You may then generate additional content in this manner and give what your viewers want. Examine your site’s search keywords as well, and produce content based on these inquiries. If you know what your visitors are interested in, you can provide them with personalized material that will keep them coming back for more!

Prosperity & High ROI Awaits!



When you combine all of these enhancements, your website will generate so much activity that you will need to change your hosting package. If you intend to do SEO adjustments, such as on-page and keyword research, allow some time for the results to appear because it is not a quick cure. Also, plan ahead of time for support and your servers to be ready to handle the increased crypto traffic!

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